#EatHappy with Taro

Taro is all you need to enjoy a delicious, fresh, and homestyle
meal that reminds you of mom’s cooking

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Select from an extensive menu of authentic ethnic dishes

Taro brings you authentic homestyle food which is low on oil, sodium, and healthy for everyday eating. You will be spoilt for choice with an extensive weekly menu of 30-35 dishes without that generic restaurant food taste every week. Specializing in homestyle Indian, Chinese, and Korean food – Taro will fulfil your craving for your favorite dishes. Our a la carte items are designed to serve one person and usually come in a 12 oz container.
Our chefs use ingredients you would use to cook for your family and friends. Dietary restrictions? No problem! We craft meals to suit every need whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, low-carb, and anything in between. No matter your preference, Taro can help you #EatHappy!

Our food is prepared fresh, never frozen & delivered to your home

Taro plans are designed to be an affordable subscription service for you and your family’s needs. Our online ordering system is built for busy people; there are no complicated forms to fill out or hoops to jump through. You can select your dishes by the cut-off time for the week or just go with our chef picks for the week. If you’re out and about, it is easy to skip/pause your plan through your online upcoming delivery dashboard. There’s no commitment – you only get charged for the deliveries you receive. Once you sign up with a subscription plan, the food is prepared based on yours selection, expertly chilled and sent to you in a refrigerated box through FedEx. We currently deliver all over the West Coast and are expanding soon!

No more stress about groceries, fixing dinner or cleaning up

Our portions are customised for individual consumption and are also convenient to carry to the office. You can simply heat your Taro items on a skillet or a microwave and enjoy a nutritious meal. No more “fixing” last minute dinners or ordering unhealthy takeout after a long day at work. Why spend time on prep, chopping, cooking and cleanup when you you regain precious hours every day to go for a run, get a rest day, or just watch Netflix with your loved ones.

Make your weekdays easier and #EatHappy!