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Chefs Perinaz Avari and Rohit Kapoor of Spice Ladle promise to create such magic with their ladles that will leave your mouth watering. What’s more – it comes recommended by SF Chronicle as a phone-to-table favorite!

A combined 24 years of hospitality experience, especially in food and beverages, have helped Peri Avari & Rohit Kapoor in their journey for consistently showcasing a creative approach to Indian food, as they turn classical authentic flavors into simple-to-eat global meals. Travels through much of Asia and Europe for work and as a family with their two young boys have lead to interesting global food experiences, that get reflected in their menus.

Peri Avari is a Parsi Zoroastrian and a native of cosmopolitan Mumbai in western India. The stunning flavors of simple home-cooked Parsi meals (that’s Indian food with Persian influences) set the stage for her love for good wholesome ‘real’ food. Peri follows her passion and promote the versatility and adaptability of India’s varied cuisines on her blog Peri’s Spice Ladle, by creating simple recipes that appeal to a global palate.

Rohit Kapoor grew up in a Punjabi family – as the son of an Indian diplomat, he spent an interesting childhood, moving every three years to different countries around the world. This helped him develop a love for food and travel, which continues to this day. Rohit went from hotelier-to-techie; and is now back to follow his passion for food, with a clear mission to turn mundane meals into a taste sensation.

At Spice Ladle, Chefs Peri and Rohit create the kind of food anyone with a palate for good flavor would wholeheartedly appreciate. As they like to put it, ‘In our kitchen, we like experimenting with the versatility of India’s smorgasbord of regional flavors to create recipes with more global appeal and a healthy touch.’

Both are particularly nit picky when it comes to the ingredients that go into their dishes; always looking for ways to keep it organic, or as natural as possible.

Tasting Menu- NonVegetarian- Top Shot

First time using Qulinary, and ordered Parsi food from Spice Ladle. Food was delivered on time and was delicious. Was pleasantly surprised to see some extra items (rice and green chutney) included, which I hadn’t ordered. Give spice ladle a try – it’s different from the regular run of the mill Indian food you get here in the Bay Area.  

-Rahul S.

What’s the ‘Ladle’ all about?

Both, Peri & Rohit, have fond memories growing up in India and seeing their parents, grandparents and the many super-chefs of their family, dole out curries and daal using a simple kitchen tool – a ladle, a magical wand that dishes out warmth, love and deliciousness.

One might say, the hand that holds the ladle, rocks the food!

You’ll find their culinary creations and travels on the blog ‘Peri’s Spice Ladle’ and in their cookbooks ‘Spice Up Your Celebration’ and more recent ‘Tikka Tikki & Spicy Bites’ both exclusively available on Amazon .

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Signature Menu

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Vegetarian meal option: Kale & Potato Baked Pakoras with Sauteed Red Onion and Green Coconut Yogurt Chutney
#glutenfree #nutfree
Inspired by flavors of an Indian street food favorite ‘Pakora’, this is our lighter healthful baked potato & kale dumpling with organic lentil batter. These soft mouthfuls are served on a bed of sautéed red onion and our signature green coconut yogurt chutney
Quantity: 3 pieces person (6 for couple and 12 for family)

Non-vegetarian meal option: California Chicken Tikka with Onion-Bell Pepper Relish and Green Coconut Yogurt Chutney
#glutenfree #nutfree
India’s popular chicken Tikka marinated in a California-inspired citrus marinade served on a bed of sautéed colorful bell pepper and red onion relish and our signature green coconut yogurt chutney.
Quantity: 3 pieces person (6 for couple and 12 for family)

Vegetarian meal option: Palak Corn Curry
#glutenfree #vegetarian
Palak (Spinach) is cooked in a cashew-onion blend with organic Indian spices, tomatoes and yellow corn, best paired with steamed cumin-flavored Basmati rice and authentic chopped Kachumber salad (This curry contains nuts.)
Quantity: 16 oz box for couple and 32 oz box for family

Non-vegetarian meal option: Parsi Fish Curry
Parsi food is a unique Indian regional cuisine which offers a stunning mix of Persian and Indian flavors. This Tilapia fish curry showcases the coastal influence on this cuisine with a smooth blend of coconut, organic lentil flour & Indian spices, best paired with steamed cumin-flavored Basmati rice and authentic chopped Kachumber salad. (This curry contains peanuts.)
Quantity: 16 oz box for couple and 32 oz box for family

Oven Roasted Spiced Brussels Sprout and Potatoes
#glutenfree #vegetarian #nutfree
Delightful Brussels Sprout and Potatoes are smeared with a house spice blend infused oil and oven roasted to golden perfection.
Quantity: 16 oz box for couple and 32 oz box for family

Steamed Cumin-flavored Basmati Rice
#glutenfree #vegetarian #nutfree
Steamed long-grain Basmati rice cooked with a cumin infused oil
Quantity: 16 oz box for couple and 32 oz box for family

Kachumber Salad
#glutenfree #vegetarian #nutfree
Chopped salad with onion, tomato and cucumber in a refreshing lemon cilantro dressing.
Quantity: 8 oz box for couple and 16 oz box for family

Mini Frosted Chai-Spiced Cupcakes
Chai spices add flavor to these bite sized frosted cupcakes.
Quantity: 4 mini cupcakes for couple and 8 mini cupcakes for family

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