Rent a commercial kitchen?

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You can’t prepare food for sale out of your home, but the high cost of building out a licensed commercial kitchen including tools, and equipment (on top of purchasing or leasing space) can easily put your dreams out of reach. Besides, there are significant regulatory and licensing hurdles relating to commercial food preparation. Why not rent a commercial kitchen to get started?

A well operated commercial kitchen for rent generally provides the following: 1) pre-inspected commercial kitchen space; 2) a wide-range of equipment; 3) dry and refrigerated storage space; and 4) allowance for private deliveries.There are quite a few commercial kitchens in the Bay Area available for renting by hours. The cost usually starts from $15 per hour and can be up-to $40 per hour according to the facilities and kitchen location. Taro has partnered with a number of commercial kitchens for discounted rates – email us on [email protected] to find out.

What do I need to get into a commercial kitchen?
In general, a commercial kitchen requires liability insurance, manager-level food safety certification and a permit from the local health department. Some kitchens may ask for additional documents.

How can I test market before doing all this paperwork?
Join Taro’s Incubator Program! Under this program one of our existing chefs takes you under their wing and guides you through the process of starting a food business. Taro pays for the kitchen for the first four weeks so that you can test market your products, and learn the ropes of starting a food business.

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