Small kitchens. Big dreams. Taro-licious meals!

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Qulinary now has a new avatar! Bigger, better and more delicious – so you can always #EatHappy! Say hello to Taro!

What is Taro?

Whether you’re a busy professional, a new parent, or a pure foodie, Taro has something for you! Our marketplace has several cuisines styles, ranging from authentic cultural cuisine to more traditional American food. Every one of our chefs is carefully vetted to ensure that their food is fresh, high-quality, and most importantly, delicious. Additionally, we cater to several dietary needs, including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options. Discover all the delicious flavors Taro has to offer by downloading our app today!

Taro works with local chefs who pour their heart and soul into their food and prepare food with a distinct character, but have limited opportunities to build and sustain their business. Passionate about creating healthy, delicious dishes, many may even specialize in “micro-cuisines” that aren’t easily found elsewhere. Our chefs craft meals to individual tastes and a personal touch, making it all the more critical that we connect them to the local consumers who need their services but may not know where to look.

How did it start?

Taro was born in Shivangi’s aunt’s kitchen in Palo Alto where she found a great demand for local, authentic food. Taro became a reality because we have made it our mission to help people find the food that makes them happy. At the same time, we are helping local chefs to grow by connecting them to new customers — a task that can be incredibly difficult for chefs. We would love for everyone to be a part of this revolution in food entrepreneurship!

What’s new with Taro?

Search and filter through handpicked local chefs to find food that makes you happy. Specializing in a variety of cuisines—from Indian to Korean, Vietnamese to Mediterranean and beyond—our chefs represent all corners of the globe.

See the menus by date in a snap through the shortcuts on the header.

Taro tracked delivery keeps you updated on your order status so you’re always in control! We’ll bring the food to you in an insulated bag to keep it fresh. In fact, the hardest part of ordering is often deciding what to eat! Learn more about Taro tracked delivery.

The app is now a lot faster which means you can get to your favorite chefs a lot faster!

What do you think of the new look and features? Share your feedback and suggestions. We’d love to incorporate your ideas into this new avatar.
Go on, give it a spin. Taro away to deliciousness!

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