Saffron Lamb Biryani with Raita

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Nothing seems more perfect than ‘Lamb Biryani’ to celebrate our first dinner of the year! Biryani is a a complete, wholesome, delicious meal by itself. The authentic way to enjoy biryani is eating with fingers!! a house that fills with the aroma of Biryani is a home of love! In this dish, Basmati rice is semi cooked and layered with … Read More

Pepreka is cookin’ up a storm! Have you tried it yet?

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Fire grilled gorgeous vegetables ( there’s no other way to describe them! ) and the mushrooms! Marinated in spices and Balsamic Glaze. Chicken Kababs, marinated in yogurt and the zillion spices, to the ‘melt in the mouth’ silkiness! Warm Naan – Oven baked Indian bread Matar Pulao – Basmati Rice with green peas Raita – Whisked non fat yogurt with … Read More