12 Christmas Classics

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You know Christmas is here when you start hearing these Classic songs...everywhere you go...We put them all together for you, to go with your wonderful Christmas feast! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Qulinary family! Download these FREE holiday special wallpapers and light up your iPhone and Android Phones with festivity! Download options: 1. Press and hold on your ... Read More

Pray for Chennai

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Chef Veena KallingalKamakshi's Kitchen View kitchenChef KG NarayananMeal Boxes etc. View kitchenWow! Thank you all for your generous donation! Chef Veena and Chef Narayanan were able to raise $3154.32 through your orders and Kamakshi's Kitchen patrons. This amount goes towards Chennai Flood Relief efforts through the organization 'Help Chennai get back on its feet' Feel free to contribute directly to ... Read More

Why Eating Organic Will Save Your Life

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If you haven’t jumped on the organic eating train then you might want to hop on because your current eating habits may cause your health to derail and crash into some pretty serious health issues. Up until about the 1950s most of all the produce in the US were organic and GMO free. However, the story has changed in recent ... Read More

10 Cruelty-free Alternatives for Your Favorite Brands

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If there’s one thing we don’t understand, it’s why anyone would need to harm an animal in order to moisturize their face. There are so many other ways to create and test products that don’t require animals in any stage of the process. Say goodbye to animal cruelty in your beauty regime with these 10 cruelty-free brands: Connector.100% PureOrganic, Fruit ... Read More

Eating out with non-Paleo friends

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  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to avoid eating out forever, and who would want to? Eating out and enjoying a preparation free meal with friends can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Living a Paleo lifestyle does not mean that you need to give up fun activities like meals out with friends, it just means that you need to … Read More

Will the Goddess like my Prasad this Durga Puja?

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Durga Puja Kolkata
Are you ready for the Durga Puja festivities? Read on to learn more about it and find some treasured traditional recipes, straight from my Granny's kitchen! Shubho Pujo! by Shinjini Mukhopadhyay Sharadotsav is not your easy-going, friendly, neighbourhood festival that unifies discordant notes into short-lived harmony; it is not Christmas and Bengal knows no Santa Claus. There is not much ... Read More

A delicious meal for babywearing SF Dads at IBW2015

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Babywearing dad posing with their baby carriers by BabyBjörn US and Qulinary's lunch spread
10 amazing dads modeled baby carriers generously gifted by BabyBjörn US to spread awareness about the benefits of babywearing, while Qulinary took care of a sumptuous lunch! Babywearing is a practice that is beneficial to both baby and parent. It increases bonding, supports breastfeeding, and is a great way to fight postpartum depression. Scientific studies, too, have corroborated these claims, ... Read More

Chef Stacey Ellis: How to transition to Veganism in 6 Easy Steps

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Chef Stacey Ellis is a 10-year veteran of plant-based cuisine with experience cooking at NOPA, a cherished Bay-Area restaurant. She is a highly sought after personal vegan chef in San Francisco. Her creative restaurant-quality, food is enjoyed by families, corporate clients and dinner party guests all over the Bay Area. She is a trusted resource for those who aim to ... Read More

Eating Paleo with a crazy work schedule

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Adjusting to a Paleo lifestyle often means more time spent in the kitchen preparing meals and planning for your week. This preparation and dedication often defines the level of success one has while following a Paleo diet – those that are able to maintain the diet are the ones that do their research and plan ahead. These tips will help … Read More

Traveling? Take your Veganism with you!

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Traveling Vegan

Securing vegan food while you’re on a trip or visiting relatives may be a bit trickier than eating at home. With a little creativity and some advance planning you can take your vegan lifestyle on the road. The first step is to look online for vegan restaurants, farmer’s markets and natural food stores in the area you are planning to … Read More