Now that I'm Vegan, what can I eat?

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now that i'm vegan
When a person first becomes vegan, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what vegan ingredients to have on hand or what recipes to try. One good way to transition is to focus on the vegan foods you already eat, but increasing the amounts. Do you like fruit? Excellent! Don’t just eat one banana or one watermelon ... Read More

Chef Stacey Ellis: How to transition to Veganism in 6 Easy Steps

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Chef Stacey Ellis is a 10-year veteran of plant-based cuisine with experience cooking at NOPA, a cherished Bay-Area restaurant. She is a highly sought after personal vegan chef in San Francisco. Her creative restaurant-quality, food is enjoyed by families, corporate clients and dinner party guests all over the Bay Area. She is a trusted resource for those who aim to ... Read More

Traveling? Take your Veganism with you!

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Traveling Vegan

Securing vegan food while you’re on a trip or visiting relatives may be a bit trickier than eating at home. With a little creativity and some advance planning you can take your vegan lifestyle on the road. The first step is to look online for vegan restaurants, farmer’s markets and natural food stores in the area you are planning to … Read More

How to eat Vegan when your family does not

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So you’ve made the jump and switched to a vegan diet. What happens when your family members are still cooking and eating meat, eggs and dairy? It makes it that much more noble to forego the rib eye, after giving thought to the havoc wreaked upon animals, the earth and your body by eating factory farmed food. Still, it isn’t … Read More

7 Facts you should know about being Vegan

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be vegan

1.The Vegan diet is exactly what your body is designed for Most people consider themselves carnivores or omnivores, but our physiology is drastically different from that of true carnivores. Animals like coyotes have an acidic pH balance and short intestines to quickly process raw meat. A human’s pH balance is slightly alkaline and our intestine is 12 times the length … Read More