A Japanese Siawase Menu


A Japanese Siawase Spread

The concept of shokunin in Japan is that of artists deeply and single-mindedly dedicated to their craft. These three young chefs are following in the same footsteps of food artisans or shokunin who came before them. Based in San Jose, Lai Chao, Ryan Gallego and Jason Artajos became friends during their years spent in Morimoto’s kitchen in Napa and have now joined together to create TRIFECTA COOKS. This new venture is a catering company that presents modern Japanese cuisine with a focus on traditional techniques, modern flavors and the best locally grown produce to be found.

They may be young but between them, they have nearly 30 years training from classic sushi knife work to traditional Japanese foods. Their daring modern Japanese cuisine harks more to the Japanese izakayas than standard sushi bars. The trifecta says their approach leans towards “small plates, tapas style sushi, and the Japanese cheek to tail philosophy of food”.

The Trifecta team of Ryan, Jason and Lai Chao presents for your dining pleasure their Siawase Menu. In Japanese, this means that the food tastes so good, it makes you happy.

Your Japanese Siawase Menu

Furikake Ribs

Tender and full of flavor these St. Louis ribs are braised in soy, mirin and sake. The result is rich and succulent ribs, which are perfectly seasoned with our house, made Furikake (a blend of bonito, brown sugar, shio kombu, nori, and sesame seeds) with a garnish of fresh green onions. df


Sunomono Salad

A refreshing Japanese style salad that combines beautifully cut ‘sushi’ style vegetables including: radish, avocado, pickled cucumbers, seaweed, and seasonal veggies with a lemon Dashi vinaigrette. v, gf, df


Hamachi Kama

It is a little known secret that this part of the fish is always kept for the restaurant owner and their friends. Sweet, tender, juicy and meaty this part of the fish is cooked on the bone, which makes it incredibly flavorful. We season our fish with house made Ponzu, which has a delicate floral acidity that blends superbly with soy and mirin. df


Yuzu Cheesecake with Miso-Caramel Sauce

A tofu cheesecake that will send your taste buds soaring. Yuzu juice is combined with soft tofu and cream cheese and this light and fluffy creation is settled into a Nutter Butter® cookie crust where it is finished with a drizzle of rich miso enhanced caramel sauce. That dash of miso adds complexity and depth that says ‘mechauma’ or absurdly delicious